So far so good!

The new compressus are ALL still alive and well! The molter is hardening up and recoloring perfectly so far as I can tell. I hope this is a good sign of success! I don’t know that I’ve ever had ALL new crabs purchased at the same time, survive the first month!


  1. People always say that E’s are so delicate, but myself, I have had great luck with them. I think it’s because the E’s don’t survive long enough to be purchased in a bad petstore that does not know that the E boys need salt water.
    I also find they do not get along well with my caribbeans, who tend to find them annoying, and try to snip off E’s legs. 🙁 Bad Caribbean tuggies.

  2. I have good luck for a few molts and then I’ve had about three that had horrible deforming molts. Very odd! I’ve not had any scuffles between the E’s and PP’s but I have always had a large tank so maybe they are able to stay away from each other. I house all of my species together.

    Welcome to my blog and THANKS for the comments 😀

  3. I’ve had people tell me not to use FMR regular, but I kept using it, because I’ve read somewhere that aquatic crabs need a bit of copper sulfate to molt well. More studies done on aquatic crabs… I know that sounds contrary to logic, but who knows.
    I keep the caribbeans in separate tank, because I’ve had such a problem w/ E/PPconflicts
    Also, I’ve had a few E’s molting above ground in dry sand lately. That I’ve nevr seen before. I think it was the weird weather, rain for over a month straight, every day.

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