Compressus PPS reduction log

Purchased 3/25/06 (5 Compressus from Collinsville Reptiles and Pets, in a small, shallow KK on calci sand, no additional heat or humidity)

Crabs were placed in a 10 gallon tank with very shallow, dry sand. Room temp was to be kept at 72F. I numbered their shells 1-5 to help keep track of them.

(more notes to be added later…finding my paper!)

#4 was digging
coconut, honey, spinach and shrimp were all eaten but not the steak and grapes

#3 spent a long time eating steak
#4 not digging

grapes still not eaten

everyone is digging
egg, carrot and olive oil eaten

#1 soaking in OW
egg eaten

afternoon the humidity jumped to 90% it was very warm outside

PM: 1,5,3 ate grapes
2 stayed in the hut
4 was digging

@ 12:30 am the humidity was 74% with a overheat light

Humidity was 74% all day, it was 80F outside

evening humidity was 80%

Bought 5 more Compressus from the same store they ate egg


Woke up to a very hot, sunny morning and the humidity was 30% so I moved the tank away from the window.
I placed it infront of the fireplace with no additional heat or light and it leveled out to 70%

The other tank was also 70%


Still holding 70%

Grapes were eaten
I moved all the crabs into the same tank (10gal)

4/5 Humidity was holding at 72% but crept up to 80%, it was warm again outside

4/10 moved the 10 gallon to the basement next to the big tank so it could share the lighting. Humidity holding at 78%

4/16 #7 freshly molted in the moss so I moved the other 9 to the 150 gallon tank. Everyone is busy and active.

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