Good and bad

Saturday I lost FOUR crabs… one of them being my first, Trooper. I do believe he was premolt because while cleaning I found him dug down. He became lethargic, dropped his large claw and died. I found Sandy buried with only one limb and no antenna! I have no idea what happened to her. Two other recent additions to the tank died also. One appeared to be caught in the water dish, it’s shell wedged into another shell. But surely it would have abandoned the shell and climbed out before drowning. Ugh. I’m very upset over Trooper. 🙁

All the new compressus are alive and well and #7 molted. I can’t keep them straight anymore because their numbers and sexing wore off. There were only 2 females in the entire group of 10 though.

Last weekend I picked up 6 more Compressus, 2 large and 4 teeny guys. They will be getting the same adjustment as the last group.

Wimblee molted again and is perfect once more! No more black leg 🙂 He has a odd little nubbin on one leg.

Wimblee Healed!

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