Um….yes that makes your butt look big

So my attacked molter decided to leave it’s shell for a soak and then put on a different one that is WAY and I mean WAY too small, like the abdomen doesn’t even fit…what the heck? So I offered a few more choices that are more likely to fit. At least the crabby is up and about eating and soaking so that’s a good sign.

I lost another E…naked in the water dish. Even though I didn’t witness it, my E’s are the most shell stealing little brats when it comes to molters. I have plenty of other shells but the victims always seem to end up staying naked and dying. This doesn’t happen with my Clypeatus, Rugosus, Brevimanus or the Perlatus. The Perlatus have difficult molts but I’m becoming convinced that the troublesome Compressus molts are a result of shell theft and the stress of being forcibly evicted.

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