Bad Viola!

Last weekend I found one of my large Clypeatus freshly molted in the corner of the tank. I gave a quick peek to make sure he/she was not having exo issues and put him/her back. An hour later I walked by the tank and my viola was EATING it’s large pincher. BAD BAD CRABBIE!!! :cuss3: I quickly moved the molter and exo to another tank and began making a medicinal bath. I placed the molter in some ocean water to soak a bit. Later after the medicinal bath, the big pincher dropped. I guess that’s good but I hope the poor thing is not overly stressed. So far so good though.

None of the large perlatus have survived their molts. The smaller ones are doing fine though. :'(

Last weekend I removed all the decorations for this weekends deep clean. That makes it easier for me to see who is above ground and gives them a chance to pop up if they are just digging for fun.

I also offered some of Jedi_sena’s new Crabotanicals Crab Apple Bouquet and it was devoured! I am going to share my samples with Michelle of Naturally Crabby next time she comes down for a visit 😀

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