Weekend update

The berry tank I’m trying to keep around 83% this week. I had a little trouble last week with it dropping off. The temp is hanging around 80F with the UTH on and the overhead lamp. They are still busy, very active and eating me out of house and home.

Sunday I decided to remove the second level from the main tank. I never see my crabs anymore and they seem to be eating very little. Two months ago (approx) when I put this new second level in with the humid hides, I used two bags of moss to fill them up. Well now I know why my crabbies weren’t eating! They have been eating that moss! There is only about 1/2 cup of it left 88| Crazy critters :headscratch: So the new arrangement looks really good and I bought some more fake vines. The humidity in the main tank likes to climb really high on me so its been at least 80% and closer to 90% most of the time. The crabs seem to be enjoying it. They are more active the past two days and when I offered them some coconut last night they pounced on it. My crabs previously turned their noses up at coconut. This morning the cavipes and indos were even milling around. I gave the tank walls a good cleaning, they were getting dirty…so I’ll take some new pictures soon to show the new set up.

My Cavipes Pie is now up from his molt also and back in the main tank.


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