Strawberries? How about PIGLETS!!

My god these Berries eat alot!! The 7 that are above ground eat far more than my entire clan of 40! I gave both tanks half an orange this weekend. The Berries ate nearly every single bit of it! The main tank barely put a dent in theirs. I wonder if this is normal Berry behaviour or if mine are just really hungry for fresh foods. They are so busy digging and tearing things up. No one else has changed shells though. Matt even checked in on them today and is worried about their too small shells. He’s such a sweetie :LUV:


  1. Sadie’s molting. She’s doing really really good too! I saw she’s been eating her exoskeloten, and n00dle hasent even been NEAR her since the beginning of the molt, because I put up a divider in the tank. And Sadie is safley in the nice dark hermie cocoa hut. I havent seen her come out yet. I thougt she was gunna die, but she was just gunna molt.Are her legs gunna grow back? (by the way it’s 2 days into the molt)

  2. And my n00dle has been such a good boy I gave him a quarter of a grape. Joey used to love grapes *cry* My little n00dly pop need s a lot of attention. Sadie will be molting for antoher 12 days!

  3. OH ME GOSHIES!!! Sadie is such an adorable little Teddy!!! This morning I found GUESSS WHO drinking water all the way on the OTHER side of her side of the tank, and on N00dle’s side of the tank, I found him on top of the halfa hermie log. But how could Sadie walk already?

  4. I’m glad Sadie is doing so well!

    Sadie may just be recovering faster. Each crab really is different. Did the leg come back? Normally when they molt, the legs will regenerate. They may be smaller than the other limbs but they will be okay.

    If Sadie is moving about be sure to offer some really yummy foods and honey to help get the energy level up!

  5. yeah Sadie’s legs are totally restored! She has been walking around, And little n00dle is in there playing around. What kind of foods should I give Sadie and Noodle?

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