Some new pics

This is the newest layout of the main tank

This is several of the crabbies cuddled up together in the log cave. Looks like Iris, Coker, Trooper, Bubba, Violet and Judith.

blogimages/crabcave.jpg”>Log Cave

Here is sweetie Diago getting a big drink of water. He is so sweet, he sat there perfectly content to let me snap pictures of him.

This guy was not happy to see me taking pictures. He got a look at me and came charging over to the glass. He waved his bp at me and then very possessively clutched a empty shell that was sitting at the edge. The images of him charging the glass and threatening me were to blurry to post. He wasn’t the least bit afraid of me.
blogimages/berries 016.jpg”>Strawberry

Many more images can be found in my photo gallery.


  1. They are SOOO cute! All of them look like noodle! But Sadie is WAAY different, she is all black and white, wait, actually, she’s sorta pink nowm she’s still molting

  2. Thanks Sabrina!

    Kelsie that one is a different species, commonly called a Strawberry. They are very delicate and require much more specific care…not a hermit crab for beginners.

    Julie thanks!

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