Healthy crabs are seen, not held

For more than a year now I’ve followed this rule of thumb: Don’t handle the crabs any more than you have to. Hermit crabs are not domesticated. They do not crave or need human interaction. I seem to have an overall success in keeping happy crabs by leaving them alone for the most part. I clean, feed, water and just watch them. I feel like this keeps their stress levels down. I hope to see the benefits of this method with my Berries as well.

Another thing I did with my Berries that I’m hoping will add to my success, was ramping up their environment gradually to the desired levels. The shock of going from a cool, dry pet store tank, to a warm, humid home tank could possibly be devastating. So instead I started with a lower humidity and temp…then over a few weeks brought it up to proper levels.

I plan to make some in tank bins of forest bedding for molting, after discussing the success of them with Yvette. I just have to get the supplies purchased.


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