Are you molting or faking?

About two weeks ago one of my Berries was very inactive. Sitting in the same place in the tank, but visiting the ocean water. I set up a 10 gal ISO for it and moved it over. He/she is still in there but has been digging and coming up, still not overly active. I think he/she may finally be dug down. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was premolt or predeath. It seems premolt since its been two weeks. Tank conditions are good, if the cranky baby would just settle in and molt.

The small crabs have turned the 20L into a minefield… its full of holes from them digging all over. I really need to remove some sand because its a little too damp but they’ve made such a mess, I’m not sure if anyone is actualy molting.

I purchased my plexi glass and forest bedding today! I am going to try to get the tower set up tomorrow if possible but I have to leave early to pick up a cake and stop by Misty’s to check on the dog and cat.

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