My berry is still in ISO and still not dug down permanently. I’ve tried to look him over but he won’t come out for me 🙁

Daidai has been under for several weeks and knowing that he was having trouble getting out of his shell after his old exo hardened on him… I began to worry. I gently dug him up and he molted again!! Part of his ‘face’ was still sort of clinging but it was damp so I gentle removed the thin membrane. He wouldn’t come out for me of course but he seems better!!! I put him back in his mini ISO and moved him in with the Berry for more privacy. Tonight I brought him down some food and found him naked. His body is mangled. His carapce is wrinkled and collapsed, he is missing two legs, globs of exo are still on his distorted antenna and one of his rear legs is growing between his carapace and abdomen on his back instead of on his side. I can’t imagine him surviving this at all. I made him comfortable and put the KK back in the tank. :depressed:

One of my smaller E’s was found molting under the saltwater dish. I left him alone but when I checked today he was moved and out running around.

I found Iris on her side sort of squished under the fresh water on Saturday. I gently picked her up and she pulled back into her shell. I sat her on the sand and put the dish back. There was no room under ther for her and the weight of the dish had to be smushing her against the glass. later that day she was naked and Ermot was in her shell!! ugh…Ermot has not changed shells since the first time after I brought him home. I’m not sure if he unshelled Iris or if I stressed her. I placed her in a small KK with Ermot’s shell. She put it on and then shed her exo like a good girl. I hope she retains her lovely purple BP through this molt also.

Coker was dug under the crab figurine for several days but I’m not sure if he is molty or not. He seemed fine today. I had to remove a bunch of sand because its just getting to wet. They are making a mess and digging like mad of course. Tomorrow I’ll add fresh dry sand and deepen it up so Coker will have more room to dig.

Placing the smaller crabs in the 20L seems to be a good idea. They are easier to keep track of in there.

I did find that whoever was in the zebra littorae shell changed to a small white turbo. As usual, my E’s must be different and wear turbos!

I FINALLY got the forest bedding tower installed after fighting with the plexi glass all weekend. :crackup: I need to buy another brick to bring the level higher but for now I gave them a fish net ladder to help the smaller Berries and Cavipes to get in and out.

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