Overhead lighting

After seeing the marked change in my crab’s activity level, I can say I’m a true believer in overhead lighting. Many other experienced crabbers use overhead lights and swear by them. I’ve switched to an overhead lamp that is a combo, using two day lamps and one night lamp with seperate power cords. I bought one for the Berry tank and they seemed to love it. So I bought another one for the main tank. Now I have the same light set up over two tanks. The 40 gallon is now housing the Cavipes, the Indos, and the large Berries and Caribbeans. The 20 gallon long is housing the small, medium and tinies of the other species. They are so active now through out the day. I’m really quite sorry I didn’t do this sooner. Right now I’m not even using my UTH’s for warmth. This winter I may have to turn them on but we’ll see.

The light I purchased can be found at www.littlepets.com for $35.00

Thanks to all of you who helped me decide on this setup! :hail:

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