Wimblee doesn’t appear to have moved in days. I set up a large KK for him since I don’t have room for a 10 gallon right now. Its a mixture of ee and sand topped with a big layer of moss. I placed him in there and made him a dish of egg shells, spirulina and honey. I sat the dish right in front of him and he started eating. So that’s a small relief. The white film on his eyes seems to be much worse but I’m not sure. I’m not going to bother him further by taking a picture. I hope that if he’s molting soon that the honey mix tonight will charge his batteries a bit. I hope that remedies his eye problem. :depressed:

On a positive note, I received a very nice letter from Petco in response to my letter. It bodes well for the future of the hermies at Petco! Yah Petco! When I get a chance I’ll scan it and post a link.

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