I think I killed Pie

😥 I found Pie on top of the EE dead this morning, someone must have turned him up because he was still down last night when I check them. He appears to have had difficulty shedding exo. His soft body was intact in the shell, but one leg of the old exo remained. I assume the tank mates ate the exo but didn’t kill him. He was intact but starting to get gooey. The worst of the smell didn’t appear until I cleaned away some of the ee and leg and then exposed the actual body. This was my rugosus with the crust on his eyes. I dug him up a couple weeks ago so I blame myself for him dying. He hadn’t begun to shed but he was dug down in the ee. I was trying to move some crabs who I could see that were not shedding because there were 12 crabs in that medium KK. This is why you don’t dig up your crabs. :banghead: From now on if I can’t get them to a seperate ISO tank, I’m going to leave them be. I’ve had many sucessful main tank molts so I’m going to leave them to nature. :shakehead:

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