What’s going on with my E’s?

Diago has a black spot like the ones that Moki had. Diago just finished a molt in the EE. I am starting to think they both have had some sort of trauma damage while soft. Moki molted under the KK in the tank and went naked. I think she may have herself crawling out from under the KK while still soft. I’m not sure what happened to Diago. I’ve had several of my small E’s molt successfully. Moki, Diago, Daidai and Yoshi were all purchased over a year ago from the same store. This is a store I complained about because the crabs were kept in wood chips with white mites crawling all over their food. Diago is the last to molt, the other two have molted fine with no injuries.

Wimblee also has a white film on his eyes. This can’t be premolt because he just molted. He appears to still be able to see though.

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