Oh I’m confused!

I tried to empty everyone out of the FB that I could see. There was more like a dozen crabs in there! I left the one at the bottom who is clearly still eating exo. Six of them had molted, Diago is still eating exo. I took everyone else out and let them wade and shell shop. I didn’t find Judith though! I hope she is still in the FB :paranoid: There were several fakers in there including PIE!

Poor Wimblee has some white film on his eyes that I don’t think is pre molt fog…he’s just recently finished a molt.

I stopped in PetCo to get some carefresh for Sheemie and looked at the hermies. I was pleasantly surprised to see the expanded line of products from Zoo Med They even have a new heater that appears to be usuable on a kritter keeper! They have two kinds of water conditioner that come with care tips on them. A fruit mix of food looked good but too coarse for the wee guys.


  1. Are you on the landhermitcrabs.com forum? I found this by looking for sites that link to it.

    Do you know what happened? Did the server go down or something?

  2. i purchased 2 hermits for my grandson about a month ago. one died fairly soon and we replaced it. the replacement hermit is also lethargic now, much like the first one we lost. any suggestions as to what to do? also the original hermit has been burrowing since i replaced the substrate recently to a much softer and deeper one and now he hasn’t resurfaced in 2 days. could he be molting? i found what looks like a pincher in the sand but i saw him after that and he appeared to have all his parts. should i leave him alone? one other concern is that neither of them seem to eat or drink. I rarely or never witness them in their dishes nor does it appear that they have been in their food. any comments would be appreciated. i’m a novice and have already become quite attached to these cute little creatures,as has my grandson. thanks,judy

    i purchased 2 hermit crabs about a month ago for my grandson. one died soon afterward and i replaced him with another. the replacement hermit who is named SPACE seems lethargic now. his behavior is much like the first one we lost. any comments or suggestions? the original remaining crab has always seemed the most ””normal” but when i changed his substrate recently to a much softer and deeper one he is burrowing all the time and has not resurfaced for 2 days now. could he be molting? what should I do–leave him alone? the other one isn’t very active so i haven’t separated them. also I rarely or almost never see either one eat. any advice will be appreciated. i’m a novice and would like to learn all i can about these cute little creatures.

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