Shop Wiki

I wrote about Shop Wiki previously after speaking with the site owner about editing the content to reflect more accurate information on hermit crabs. The site owner was happy to hear from me and encouraged me to edit the wiki myself and update the information so that it was more accurate. After having such a positive experience with the site owner, I am writing again. The site is such a great resource for pet owners. You can search for pet products and find some great information at the same time.

Besides pet products the Shop Wiki has every other imaginable product. Since Matt and I went to Target today to look at new quilts (didn’t find one), I decided to check on Shop Wiki and right off I found a gorgeous violet quilt that I really want even though it doesn’t match our bedroom. :>> So I sort of got distracted by shopping with the wiki for quilts. You can do all your shopping on one site. The shop wiki doesn’t sell products it just brings them all together for you in one place to browse and compare, quickly and easily in an uncluttered interface.

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