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Wiki’s have become a staple of the cyber world and even found their way into mainstream media at times when articles are referenced as a source of information. Today I found out about a new type of Wiki called ShopWiki. Think of it as an online product encyclopedia where you can look up pretty much any product you want to purchase. Their section devoted to pet products is diverse and covers nearly every pet you can imagine, even hermit crabs! Yes of course that is the first section I visited. From there I contacted the site owner and we discussed the updating of his content (the true strength of a wiki). Because my first priority is proper hermit crab care I felt it was necessary to discuss with him some of the site content that was not accurate before reviewing the site. James is more than willing to have the information edited to reflect more current practices. YAH! :>>

Okay back to ShopWiki :p ShopWiki actively crawls more than 180,000 online stores to ensure you’ll find the products you want at the best prices. They don’t sell products and they don’t charge stores or manufacturers to include their items in their search results. So this means every time you search for an item you are getting an unbiased result that allows you to compare all the sites that offer the item you are seeking, along with the cost. I do so much shopping online that this sort of tool is such a huge time saver. I shop online because I want to get the best price possible and that can take time to do by yourself.

As a consumer, you can also add products or sites you endorse to ShopWiki.

This really is so cool. You search and get your list of results and then when you find the right item in the list you simply hover over it with your mouse and it will tell you how many stores carry that item and what price they are selling it for. GENIUS!! lol I love to review sites that are actually interesting to me personally and this one definitely qualifies. Anyone who shops online will appreciate what a time saving resource ShopWiki is by doing the price comparison for you automatically.

A side note to Firefox users. If you are running the No Script add on for Firefox you will have to allow ShopWiki or you won’t see any products listed when you search.

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