Friday I picked up a 150 gallon tank for $60!! :banana: Its in great condition. I’ve been looking for a huge tank for a long time but I didn’t want to pay full price. My persistence and paitence paid off. My crabbies will be in heaven when they get to move in.

Of course pictures will be coming soon!

Another of my E’s had a bad molt…lost both claws another a leg. I moved it to ISO last night and made a mix of honey and coconut and placed the crab over it to eat. This morning it has dug under. I wanted to move it to the 2.5 gallon ISO but I will have to leave it in the 10 gallon till it decides to come back up.

The cavipe that is still down is done molting, I can see him but he’s not coming up. Judith has popped up. Violet is down also. Trooper seems to be thinking about digging under but I’m not sure.

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