Poor Jo Jo

One of the newbies, Jo-Jo seems to be dying. He is resting, stretched way out of his shell. When I picked him up he withdrew slowly but resumed the same position when I checked him a bit later. I don’t think he’s going to make it. Poor thing… to live so long only to die in captivity. :crybaby:

My molters are fairing well. Jingle finally finished up and is back in the main tank. Gentle resurfaced for the second time and went back to the main tank last night. Dowd molted in the main tank this weekend so I moved him to ISO where he is eating his exo and doing fine.

Little Phil has dropped his bp which really has me worried. Now he is in ISO to see what happens with that little guy. He’s had so many sucessful molts with me, I can’t imagine what is wrong.


  1. Hey I have a bad bad problem…Joey was molting rite? Yeah he has been done Nemo WAS molting and I didnt even know it until…When I woke up I see Joey chewing on someones exo…so I say YIPPY nemos molting…and he was but Joey was NOt chewing on the exo…He was chewing on the pink flesh of Nemo. I started to cry but then I saw the hermie move a teeny bit…But I have a couple of questions

    1. Can a hermit crab grow back its claws

    2. Is it natural for one crab to eat another

    3. what if Joey wont let go of the Nemo piece

    4. Is he probably dead Please anwser these questions!

  2. okay…nevermind Nemo died…But for some reason He was out of his shell when I woke up…isent that weird. Either Joey took Nemo out of his shell or he came out by himself. But Why would that happen when he was first just starting to molt???

  3. Yes they can grow back their claws.

    Yes when molting, the scent of molting attracts them. This is why molters must be isolated from the other crabs. They can’t help themselves

    I’m sorry he died. He was probably so stressed out from being attacked that he left his shell to die. Molting is very stressful to begin with, then factor in being attacted by another crab and there isn’t much chance of the crab surviving.

  4. That’s so weird – Joey must be a very very strong crab because Nemo bothered Joey while he was molting and He is fine right now…I am looking in the tank and I see him eating a banana slice…see? I guess your right Maybe Joey didnt kill him though…He was already out of the shell. And he just started too…I would have put Nemo in the ISO tank but I only found out AFTER Joey killed him….I saw 2 claws and The one JOey was eating was pink…I flushed Nemo down the potty and stuff…This time I am going to get TWO more crabs so if one dies, The other wont be alone and Joey – she is just really strong -the past crabs I’v had have all been either killed or bothered to death by guess who…JOEY thats who. WOW she is really strong WHILE SHE WAS MOLTING she climbed up that big tree WOWEEZ is that a strong crab or what?

  5. Is it natural for a molting hermit crab to climb all the way to the screen lid?
    Is it natural for a molting hermit crab to live after being bothered so much- no seriously he was bothered so much Nemo would start these awful fights and lift his 2 front legs up and then Joey would scare him away. And it was so cute how he would lean his little shell on the glass to make himself look bigger…AWW I miss my baby so so so much! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? I had the 2 best hermies i ever had…And I was reading your posts earlier… How much crabs do you have now??? I mean its so rare for my crabs to molt and for you it happens every single day. WOWZ you have a lot to deal with…but having so many must be a joy huh?

  6. I just got a call from my best friend…She said she is going to get me 2 more hermit crabs. Don’t you think that’s so nice of her? I was going to ask you this…what kind of hermit crabs do you have? I have only one kind and they are carribean Land hermit crabs. I have had many crabs but every since I baught them for the first time, I have allways had Joey-there was never a time when I had hermit crabs and none of them was Joey…thats how strong this little guy is..SEE??? he is so tiny too- he is the legnth of my thumb , but see he was allways bigger thats why. Nemo was just a baby, before that I had a Hermie named Trancee and she was only a ;ittle bit smaller, I believe she starved to death, out of all the time I had her, I never saw her eat. AND before that I had Pincer, he was slightly BIGGER than Joey and He died because He was trying to molt but he died in the morning he first started in.

  7. So sorry to hear about Jo Jo and I do hope that Little Phil will be ok. I wanted to let you know that I got the calendula today, the crabbies are munching away. Thanks so much!

  8. Okay…well obviously Joey did not mean to kill Nemo because He seems to be looking for him – he is going frantic by Nemo’s favorite spot going absolutly loony. He dug a tunnel under the play log (usually what NEmo does) and is just ruining the hole playground- he dug under the water bowl shell and spilled the water everywhere and got the sponge all sandy – he ALMOST spilled the food bowls by standing on them, he climbed over the hermie hut and started to chirp and he has never chirped before – I thoguht there was probably a bug in the tank…wellJoey is either missing his buddy nemo or he is just going completly mad. Poor Joey- I am gunna be sad I have to pay a lot of attention to my baby.

  9. Thanks Robin!
    Phil has dug down (molt I hope!) for now.
    I’m glad your crabbies are enjoying the Calendula.

    Sabrina you should really get a friend for Joey. He will be unhappy living alone.

  10. yeah…i did I just got home from school but before we came home we stopped at petco to get two hermit crabs for Joey to play with…one’s name is Saydee and she is just a little bit smaller than Joey and the other one’s name is Noodle and He is the same size as Joey. Joey and Saydee are getting along well though Noodle is shy. But he is still climbing all over but he will get used to his new home, and as for Joey, I am going to keep an eye on him – just to make sure no eating frenzy goes on in the hermie tank

  11. Yah!

    Make sure to give them all a bath together and that will help with any scuffles they might have. If you can, fix a bath in a wide shallow dish to allow them some room to roam around together for a little bit.

  12. Okay well I just woke up a couple minuets ago and I find Saydee had dug a big hole and knocked the water dish over, that little eager stinker, I see noodle in the half a log just staring at the wall, and Joey -of course- in the hermit hut…his favorite place, I se they have been eating the cantalope! all gone. Here is the best part…Saydee moved into a new shell, the brown one -its a little big on her but she seems to love it! And I am running out of hermit crab meal – how are your crabbies doing…is Jo-Jo okay??? PLease tell me he is okay I hate when they die its so sad

  13. Oh, okay – and Saydee is doing REALLY good, she climbed to the top and crawled accross the screen lid, Joey is happy dappy with is new friends, And NOODLE is sorta lonely sometimes….i think he may have some bad memory of crabs attacking him he doesent like going near the others

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