40 once again!

Matt wanted to go to St Louis Mills on Saturday so we went. We of course stopped at Earthbound and Matt found two large Caribbean hermit crabs that he felt were in need of saving. $32 dollars later they were on their way home. Due to the parasite scare I have them in ISO for the time being. All of my tanks, save the 20 gallon which has no lid, are in use. They were both in icky shells, but Jo-jo especially. I offered them a couple new shells and they both changed! Bubba is now wearing my expensive African Turbo Semanticus. :cheer:

So I deep cleaned the tank on Saturday and took all the sand out. Thank god what a mess that stuff is! Back in went the coral sand, its so pretty. I recounted the crabs and only Eli is missing and he had to have died. He didn’t really come around after the last molt.

I have a ruggie that must be a new one because I can’t figure out who he is otherwise. Still trying to solve that mystery.

Jingle the ruggie molted yesterday. Matt noticed his shed exo and thought he was dead. I knew he was molting because I had him in ISO. So he ate his exo overnight and dug down.

Oscar keeps digging but when I put him in ISO he refuses to dig down so we are playing yo yo. Ermot is in ISO also and the one small caribbean who I thought was dead. Matt named it Sweetpea. So that makes 5 molters and 2 new guys. This place gets crazy sometimes!

I’m going to work on adding some new articles so be watching for them.

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