Paws Up Pet Supply

I recently ordered some items from Paws Up Pet Supply online. The items arrived yesterday. Today one of the bulbs was broken. A defect where the glass seperated from the socket. I emailed them and they immediately responded saying they would ship a replacement tomorrow. Now THAT is my idea of awesome customer service! If you’d like to order from them, visit the Crab Street Journal’s affilate program. Their prices are very good and shipping is very reasonable.

The reason I ordered the new bulbs from them is to help with my tank temps at night. With the outside temps dropping into the teens and staying there, my night time tank temps have been getting low. I switched to high wattage bulbs for day and night to help keep the crabs warmer. I’m hoping this will make my larger crabs a little more active. Many of them are buried and they just aren’t eating much. Meanwhile my small/med crabs are active and eating heartily. Both tanks are the same for temp/humidity and general set up. I was told that the weather change is just harder on the bigger guys.

I also ordered a couple of items to donate to the Crab Street Journal for prizes. CSJ holds two monthly competitions for photos and you win CSJ points to spend on prizes. If you are interested in submitting an entry, crawl over to CSJ and register at the forum and image gallery and submit your photos.

If you are interested in donating prizes of any sort and being listed as a sponser on CSJ, please contact me and I’ll set it up. We can always use shells, bowls, bulbs, food, cholla logs, cocohuts, gift certificates or gauges.


  1. Dae, Ive got a HUMONGOUS tonna shell that wont fit any crab I or anyone else owns. Perhaps you guys could use it for a tank deco sort of prize? Lemme know if you want it, I can find your addy @ the hub if thats where you want it sent. (or to Maries POBox instead?)

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