June Winners at The Crab Street Journal

June Cluey Caption Winners
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Posted by Maisey
With Hermateer’s caption:
” ……..98, 99, 100, ready or not, here I come……………… ”

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Posted by land_hermie
With Pepe’s caption:
“Single Purple Pincher looking for true love and romance. Likes long walks on the beach and occasionally sea dipping. Must love stinky food and scavenging for goodies under the moon glo!”

Cluey Caption Album

June Calendar Crab Winner
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“Lifeguard on Duty”
by Snwbordrgrl

photos/entrants/index.php?cat=2″>Calendar Crab Albums

June Crabitat of the month Winner
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Herm-EZ 40B lil crabbie tat

photos/entrants/index.php?cat=7″>Crabitat of the month Albums

Contest FAQ’s

All winners will be published in The Crab Street Journal newsletters.

Calendar Crab and Crabitat winners receive 200CSJ dollars to spend in our prize closet.

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