June Deep Clean: 56 crabs

I have 56 crabs right now, that is not counting the other 5 coming to me. Sadly ALL of my large perlatus didn’t survive their molts. Not my 2, not Sue’s 2 and not the 2 I adoptedfrom Stephanie :puppydogeyes: I feel the worst about the adoptees. The smaller perlatus are doing fine and molting successfully. I wish there was a way to make molts go smoother for the large perlatus. I have another naked E who is isolated and will not take a shell. I found a dead smaller PP today also but that was a recent death and seemed to be random. It was not recently molted or physically harmed. In hopes of having more successful molts, I have made my forest bedding about 12 inches deep in one end of the tank. This should allow the big guys to dig down deep and maybe that will help Pictures of the new tank arrangement probably tomorrow after I finish setting it up. I am exhausted and me back hurts.

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