It lives!

The 150 gallon is up and running once again! I’ve set it up at my mom’s and I have to say I was sad to leave my crablets when it was time to go.
I decided only the crabs larger than a quarter would go in the tank and anyone smaller would stay in the bin. This gives everyone some much needed breathing room after a couple months crammed in the 50 gallon bin. I need to set up a light for them but that’s in the works. They are still overcrowded but the 75 gallon will be returning in the spring and that should put us at a better place.
Hermit crabs in the 150 gallon
150 gallon now houses 27 hermies (who are medium and one large): PP – 15 Indo – 5 Viola – 3 Rug – 1 E – 3 (one of them should be in the bin but I didn’t want to separate)

Small hermit crabs before going into their 50 gallon bin
50 gallon bin now houses 28 little hermies (quarter or smaller): PP – 6 Indo – 6 Viola – 3 Rug – 6 Cav – 7

Gratuitous pool side video: