House Fire

August 20th there was a fire in the basement of my boyfriend’s house while we were both gone. I lost two beloved senior pets. My hermit crabs appear to be ok but time will tell. Everything was damaged by smoke and soot. For reasons I won’t go into there was no insurance coverage on my belongings. That means anything that was not cleanable is lost. Some of my hermit crab stuff survived but I will have to replace all the heat pads and lights on my tanks. My crablets are currently in a 50 gallon bin at my mother’s. At least one E is unaccounted for from the vertical tank. Not sure on 150 gallon tank. Once I begin to tear them down I hope to find any stow aways.

I am now displaced for a month or more while I wait for my permanent housing to be available. I am staying with my sister who has no internet at her house, which is also a cell phone dead zone for me. I am at the library today. I will return to work next week. What will happen with my job long term I am unsure.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how to still make it to the Pet Expo Nov 5&6 2016 but I am not giving in yet!

Thank you all for being patient.