Holy skink!!!

You guys I can’t believe this! Yesterday afternoon I was feeding the crabbies and prepping some food dishes for while I’m on vacation. I literally turned my back for a minute and this skink appeared! I have no idea how long he’s been in the tank. I snapped some pics and then he retreated into a burrow by the water dish. I decided to get my medium kritter keeper and attempt to catch him. I had him scooped on the lid and then dropped the KK and got away and hid in the rocks. 🙁

I kept checking for him all last night but he wasn’t out again. I’m still watching for him today too. I really do not want to leave on vacation with a skink in my tank/house!

I have a walkout basement and I definitely have skinks in my yard. I often leave the basement door open when I’m working in the yard so my dogs can come and go if they get too warm. So this guy obviously took advantage of that and some how made his way through the basement to the laundry room and into the tank. OY VEY!!

I’ll keep ya posted but cross your fingers that I am able to snag him today.

Uninvited skink in my crabitat
Uninvited skink in my crabitat