Deep clean – worse than I thought

I did a deep clean yesterday and was pretty bummed to find that the only crab out of the 12 purchased that remains alive is one Indo. The one who has been in the ocean water for 3 weeks and has gone naked on me twice. With no water sac forming I imagine it is dying. *sigh* My PPs continue to do well. I can’t imagine I will try mail ordering exotics ever again, unless there is a big break through in care info. MAYBE for a couple Blueberries just to have the chance to see them in person and photograph them.

My current head count with the 5 adopted crabs: 33

1 Viola
1 Indo
2 E’s
1 Ruggie
28 PPs

1 of the two large adopted PPs seems to be very lethargic. I’m hoping premolt and not predeath because it seemed quite ashy to me.

I also found no living Pill bugs so they all died off.


  1. I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve been following your updates. Who did you get them through, so I can avoid them?

    You do have a nice set-up, though.

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