CSJ down again

The hosting bill has not been paid in full so the site is down. I don’t know if it will be back.

I am recreating the Wiki at www.crabbywiki.com and I am considering activating the forum built in there. I do not have the free time needed to rebuild a site similar to CSJ but I understand that many users like a forum to converse with each other. This software also allows members to have blogs on the site too.

I will continue to work on www.coenobitaspecies.com now as time allows.

The Adoption Center is still online and will remain online under Marie’s (Ladybug15057) ownership at www.hermitcrabadoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com

The CSJ photo gallery was paid up for a year of hosting by me and it will remain online until that year runs out at www.crabstreetjournalphotos.com

You can visit the Yahoo Group or MSN Group.