Black Spot

I have another crab with the black spots and exo damage that Wimblee had. It is one of the new compressus. I have never had this affect any other crabs, only compressus. I had removed the forest bedding from the tank. In talking with Sue about another crabber in Australia with some black spots on her variabilis, we found a common link. Raw oysters. We have both fed raw oysters to our crabs. Sue said there is a black spot disease that oysters can contract and pass. Hermit crabs would be vulnerable to this disease. So NO MORE oysters for my kids. Patience, the affected crab, is being treated with the same medicinal bath that Wimblee had. Her photos are in the album as well.

All my new guys are hanging in there. At last count I had 40 crabs above ground. My crew is heavily compressus now. :>>

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