Big crabby update!

I finally have php nuke evo installed on and am beginning to add links and content to the site. The site is functional and your hermit crab site submissions are welcome as of now 😀

Vicki’s new site is coming along great! She has a hermit crab blog and forum, with a link to her hermit crab ebay store.

The site is nearly moved to the new and more stable server. If you’ve been experiencing server outages, hang in there! Once the move is completed and the site is stable, Robin of and and myself will be working on updating the site look and layout.

I recently purchased some of Julia Crab’s ground mangrove meal from and I finally offered it to my crabs. It was well received mixed with some dried flowers and there didn’t appear to be any of it left!

I’m adopting 4 new hermit crabs this friday 😀 If you are interested in adopting crabs in your area, check out Hermit Crab Adoption Center

On Saturday I bought the only 3 Clypeatus I could find in the area. I went out specifically to by some more Compressussince I have the room. The hermit crab cart I saw them at was gone though. Several other stores were just plain out. So those three little guys are in ISO destressing for the time being. The larger of the three is dug under.

I made some additions to the hermit crab mansion. I added a second floor. I have drift wood but when it sits on the forest bedding it will become mildewy after a bit. My hermit crabs love this wood though. So I moved it to the second floor where there is no substrate. Between the two pieces of wood, I placed a shallow bin of empty shells with a bit of ocean water.

I added some fish net and the roman coliseum ruin that I bought at Petco. Julia Crab of has one in her tank and its very cool. Petsmart has similiar pieces but they are far more expensive.

Sunday night I began taking some pictures of the hermit crabs for 2006 documentation purposes. I’m still working on a new set up for my data but have not come up with anything more efficient. I did discover that I’ve lost several of my small Compressus. By lost I mean they must have died while molting and their bodies cannibalized. I have everyone out of the 20 gallon tank now so there is no where else they can be. I discovered I have two Perlatus instead of just one, when Jimmy popped up out of the forest bedding tower in the 40 gallon tank.

While out shopping on Saturday I picked up some items to donate to the Crab Street Journal’s photo competitions. There are monthly competitions for best crabitat and best picture of a hermit crab. If you are interested in participating visit

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