Another adoption!

I received a call last night from a local woman who has 8 hermit crabs in a 40gal breeder that she wanted me to”>”>adopt. She found my information at The Tie Dyed Iguana, where I drop off the hermit crab newsletters each month along with my business cards. She lives 5 miles from my house right on my way home so I stopped in last night and picked up the 3 crabs that are above ground. She wants me to take the entire set up but we didn’t have any way to move the tank at this time especially with my blog“>street being tore up. I told her if any of the others surface before we are able to move the entire tank to call me and will stop in and pick them up. She has three species/” title=”Crab Street Journal Species: Perlatus”>perlatus and 5 species/” title=”Crab Street Journal Species: Clypeatus”>clypeatus. As well as a totally decked out crabitat with some really large nice shells. :droo: Pics to come as I get time!

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