Another addict in the making!

I think I’ve created a monster! My 10 year old niece was here this weekend. She said she would like to have some hermit crabs. Monday she spent the day at my house so we cleaned the 150 gallon crab tank. She did nearly all of it, she even squeegeed the glass. Then I let her totally redecorate it and fix their food. She had the best time. We spent at least an hour with this. Then she wanted to take them out to look at them. So I let her get one out at a time. She decided to make sure they got enough exercise. So she set a goal of 70 steps. Then placed them at the starting point and counted how many steps it took them to get to the finish line. She had a piece of paper where she recorded their name, the number of steps and yes or no if they reached the goal. LOL We did this for a LONG time. I finally told her we had to go and make dinner. She is facinated by the hermit crabs. We talked about what they need to survive and why. I taught her about the hygrometer and about the lights and heat. I taught her how to make ocean water and fresh water. I showed her how to give your crab a bath if you need to. I told her that I’d give her some more information and when I see her in again in August we’ll talk about getting her some crabs. She even figured out on her own that she should set her tank up FIRST and make sure the temp and humidity was right BEFORE buying crabs! I was shocked! She has matured a lot since the last time I saw her. She loves all animals, even insects which are probably her favorite. Her grandpa taught her how to use a piece of string and a box and some dog food to trap a wild bird. Then he puts the bird in a cage for her. She spends a little bit of time looking at it up close and then she lets it go. She does this with bugs too. Grandpa teaches her to catch and release without harming basically.


  1. Wow, a true hermie addict in the making. Very good teacher! Is this Marie? LoL! If so, it’s Lisa. 🙂 Now help me get rid of these little white bugs I found in my brand new 2 week old crabitat! lol J/k Thanks for sharing your story. I have an 8 yr old daughter and we both are stripping down our new tank/pond and retrieving as many awake hermies as possible. It’s a project only a hermit crab lover wouldn’t mind doing for their babies. 😀 Happy Crabbing! Hermie Hugs, Lisa

  2. Nope not Marie… Stacy or Daethian.

    Mites are VERY hard to get rid. Some mites are not harmful to your crabs such as booklice and springtails. They will eat poop and keep your tank clean.

    If you want ride of the mites once and for all you need to purchase predatory mites online and put them in your tank. This is the only successful method for getting rid of mites.

    If you check in the forums there is a active topic about mites with information on the predatory mites.

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