Whole lot of soakin goin on!

Whole lot of soaking going on. That same Cavipe has been in the salt water for days now. Either wading around or stretching way out of the shell like before. The other Cavipe, still in its old shell, was also in there, along with Anita Shell. Later on, one of the large Berries climbed in there, the one in the carved tapestry turbo.

My three legged Caribbean is dug down again, probably resting up.

Ferdinand is still in ISO, still just sitting near the salt water dish, doing nothing. Not dead, not digging, not eating that I can tell. This has been going on…at least a month now I guess.

All the crabs really enjoy the oak leaves that were sent down from Wisconsin.


  1. Blaw hey Wussup? I’ve been bizzy Wif Skewlish and stuff. I’ve been on neopets and stuff, and been obsessing over Invader ZIm yattah yattah .. just letting ya know, My hermishes are doing GWATE

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