2 more gone

Wed I found two of my berries dead in the salt water. One large one and Anita Shell who had recently molted and seemed to be doing great. I thought they were just soaking up the water at first, like several other crabs have been doing. I only have 3 or 4 left now out of the nearly dozen I bought earlier this year. At this rate, I’m wondering if any will survive. I feel terrible about wasting other people’s money now… :depressed: :crybaby:

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  1. I renamed one of my Crabs… Obviosusly i renamed her from a charecter from.. you know what ^_^ ..I renamed her Tak because my brother told me to… I said OMG great idea.. So now…Her name is Tak. Not Sadie… Noodle and Tak .. Noodle’s name is going to remain ‘Noodle’ For now, until I think of a really really goof one for him, I’m guarenteeing you it’s going to be Gir

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