Wednesday November 19, 2003

Last night during playtime, Pearl, Cora and Sandy actual spent their time crawling around on the shells and wood instead of trying to escape!! Loki is still very very scared so I’m not pushing him/her at all. Cora was checking out a painted shell but didn’t change.

The three new crabs got some play time too. I’ve decided on their names. The jumbo in the blue shell is Sebastian, the jumbo in the black and tan shell is Jabba, then their is Violet, the teeny is BeBe and the one who is under is Peanut. Violet changed shells again last night but then changed back.

I’m starting to think that Peanut is molting because its been five days. I’m a little worried because I bathed Peanut when we got home.

Yesterday after visiting Pampered Pets in Granite City and being treated like a jerk for pointing out that the crabs had no water I filed a complaint against them. I tried to talk to the owner and was treated just as shitty. That store and Animal House in Pontoon Beach will both be investigated this week. I hope they both get in trouble and have to clean up their stores.