Sunday November 23, 2003

Tuesday night I was able to buy a 40 gal tank used for 20 bucks with a damaged lid!! Saturday I got it all set up and the crabs seem to love it.

Saturday around 1:30pm I gave everyone a bath except the two molters of course. Then I put them in their playpen to run around and dry off for about two hours. Then everyone went into the new big tank. They seem to love it! They were still running around climbing and checking things out at 10pm when I went to bed, everyone was up the whole time!

During play time Sebastian attempted a shell change, the shell didn’t fit right I guess but I did see that Sebastian has a food sack. So I will be watching for other signs of a impending molt. Violet also changed shells AGAIN. I took pictures of what I think is her fourth shell change but yesterday she changed again into a totally new style of shell.

The crabs seem to be hanging out a bit more together now. During playtime, Sandy climbed all over Jabba.

This morning everyone except Pearl is sleeping together in the shell heap in the tank. This heap of shells are non inhabitable shells that came in the bunches I bought at the dollar store. They seem to LOVE climbing all over them đŸ™‚