Well little Tommy gave up

Well little Tommy gave up the fight after going naked again. 🙁

My E molter is still not 100% back to regular color so it remains in ISO.

My teeny little PP that molted is doing good too. Not moving around much but still alive. This crab has to be no bigger than a pea but its in such a big turbo shell I can’t even see it! I have to blow on the shell to see if it responds. Its super shy.

I haven’t seen much of the new Cavipes. This weekend I am going to take up the secons level and check everyone out.


  1. hello..
    i have a question.. if a crab has taken a slower pace…and does not want to come out when i mist him does that mean that he is getting ready to molt? i’ve owned the crab since december and its now the end of febuary..should i get him a shell to be on the safe side?

  2. If your humidity is at 70% relative or above then there is no need for misting. Misting can lead to unnecessary stress and cause the crab to begin dropping limbs.

    In activity can be a sign of molting. Please read my article titled MOLTING or DYING to explain this better.

    Your crab should always have extra shells and really needs a friend.

    Be sure to check out some of the hermit crab sites listed here too.

    Good luck!

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