Dowd wasn’t premolt…she was dying

My Indo Dowd has been hanging out by the water for three days. I figured it was a upcoming molt. She molted with me once since I bought her last May. This morning she was alive, this afternoon she climbed into the water, left her shell and died. *sigh* I’m so sad to lose her.

I feel a bit like I was being disrespectful but I decided to take some pictures of her since I have a great camera and knew I could get some great shots.

I discovered a couple things on her that I have not noticed on other crabs. She has little bumps on her underside at the joint of her abdomen and exo. She also has little ‘claws’ on the one set of her small legs. Maybe I’ve just not noticed before but if I have the opportunity to photograph other crabs I will. Normally they are too smelly for me to take pictures. I’d like to think I’ll never have another death but I know better. Maybe someone can benefit from the images at least.

Anyhow if you would like to see the images I’m uploading them to my gallery right now and adding some notes. Feel free to check them out. They are in a album by themselves.


  1. HELP!!!! my crab has come out of his shell while i was at school and i dont know if he is stressed..molting…or dead. he DOES NOT MOVE or flinch if i spray him a little and i dont see any skin in the cage. HELP. i dont know what is the matter with him. i dont know if you can see my e-mail but if you can tell me anything i would love it.

  2. Thanks.. my Crab passed away on thrusday. I figured he was dead when my dad flicked it, and i didnt move. He was stiff so i flushed him. he was completely out of his shell. 🙁

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