Thursday November 13, 2003

Last night I bought 2 small shells to bring home for Sandy, I only have one that would be the right size for her to change into. So I boiled them and cooled them and then offered them to her in the playpen. She didn’t care :p So I put them in the main tank for her to check out later.

This morning I go in to take a shower and Pearl is scoping one of the new shells. Now I think these are probably too small…but I finish my shower and while I’m brushing my teeth he switches shells. What a goof… this is his third shell in a month. He’s always out and about during the day too, while the girls never come out during the day.

I named the new crabs Yoshi (brown) and Loki (orange)

Loki is very timid but was trying to eat last night, was back in the sand today though.

Yoshi seems kind of lethargic but I’m hoping that a few days of quiet will change that. Yoshi is so unusual I would hate for him/her to die.