Friday November 14, 2003

Yoshi died yesterday 🙁 So sad… I’m pretty sure that Yoshi was and Equadorian crab too.

Tomorrow I’m going to see about getting a couple more large crabs. I got another 10 gal tank today to turn into another ISO tank, I have no idea how long Trooper will be under molting. If I can’t find a used 40 gal I’m going to buy a new one after Christmas.

Tonight during playtime, Cora decided to try on Loki’s old shell. It took her forever! She is such a clutz anyhow and she kept flipping it on top of herself. Once she was out of her shell, Pearl came zooming over. Cora wasn’t ready to give up her shell and she shoved him away a few different times. Once he pulled into his shell and trapped one of her legs in with him. He came out pretty quick so she got loose without incident. There was no way she was going to let him near her old shell and he wasn’t going to give up. I took him out of the playpen and waited until she switched back. I put Pearl back in and he was no longer interested in what she was doing 🙄 Now how did he even know what she was doing?? Weird…

Loki seems to be fairing okay. Still very shy but eating well.

I checked four stores today for unusual looking crabs, three of them were supposed to get shipments and none did. I’m wondering if its getting too cold or something. PetCo had changed their crab set up somewhat but its still not right.