Sunday January 4, 2004

Last Saturday Phil came up from molting but I wasn’t sure if he was completely hardened so I didn’t bathe him and put him with the herd until Wed night.

Sandy is still under and I’m a little worried.  This is an odd blob of something on top of the sand and I can’t figure out what it is.

Of course still no sign of Trooper.  There is some sort of brown goopy stuff visible with his exo though which is worrying me.  It might be poop but I’m not sure.

Violet had been digging up the main tank so I put her in ISO on
Monday, I think, and she promptly dug under to molt.  So I’ve still got three molters but now they are in 3 different ISO’s.  If someone else decides to molt I’m not sure where I’ll put them!

Saturday I picked up my”>”>adoptees! They are so cute! They had a bath with the herd and seem to be fitting right in.

Thursday Peanut FINALLY changed out of that stupid holey shell thank bob! She is in a spotted shell like Pearl is in now.

I bought some Krill but the crabs don’t seem interested.  I need to find some dried baby shrimp I guess.

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