December 24, 2003

Peeked in on Trooper again tonight and I see bits of exo on the bottom of the glass, also a weird sort of chemical/metallic smell. Not the death smell though. Maybe he will surprise me and come out for Christmas!

So the crabs seem to have no interest in the eco earth what so ever. Their favorite places are either in the shell heap or burrowed in the moss. The E’s are doing good so far and love the netting.

FMR treat is easily the all around favorite food of my PP’s. They will eat fresh fruit and hot dogs but some of them I never see at the dish. The past two nights I’ve given them about a teaspoon of treat. The first night Jabba sat eating it for a good hour, the next morning all the treat was gone but the regular food pellets remained. This morning at 5 a.m. I found Jabba, Sebastian, Cora and someone else all at the dish eating.

Sometime after the holidays I’ll be”>”>adopting some PP’s from a girl up around Chicago :>>


  1. hi–was hoping you could help me…i have 8 purple pinchers in a 50 gallon tank filled with coconut fiber earth…one of mine has molted on top of the soil..i was leery about leaving it alone in the tank,vunerable,and the other crabs disturbing it and eating its exo,so i moved it to another tank for protection..should i cover it up or leave it in the iso tank uncovered for now?thanks..tina

  2. You did the right thing by moving it! Since you know about this I am going to assume you have the humidity thing covered. I would place a cocohut or something over the molter. They actually need darkness, it has to do with their molt hormones. Plus it causes less stress on the crab by reducing shadows when you peek in to check water and food.

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