Saturday November 15, 2003

Crab buying spree!!!

PassPets had two large crabs earlier this week and one was missing an eye and the other was a dark nearly black color. I went back today and they were gone. The lady said they sold out before the new ones came on Friday – a huge shipment!!! So I picked out a LARGE crab, a teeny teeny crab and a medium crab that is purpley all over. Then I went to Collinsville to the store that is closing down. I bought another LARGE crab there and one that is about nickle sized. I got some wood and food on discount too. I’ll be back to get a cover soon when she empties some tanks. The purple crab is missing most of her small claw. The nickel sized one is missing a leg and has a gel stump coming in. Hopefully the three from Pass haven’t been there long enough to be harmed beyond saving. The other two may be too dehydrated to make it. Crossing my fingers. The teeny one had buried itself on the way home but one of the bigger crabs uncovered it enough for me to find it.

They all got a stress coat bath and then put into the playpen for a bit. Violet changed shells twice, once into a way too small one. Once she seemed to be done shopping for shells I put her into the ISO with the others.