Odd deaths and missing crabs

Another trouble some E molt. Eros who was found molted when I was trying to put in the second floor went naked in ISO. I was able to get him back in his shell though after he had a long soak in some salt water. He dug down for a bit and then was back up and eating. So on 3/11/05 I put him back in the main tank after a bath in the salt water.

At the same time I found him I discovered Sebastian(?) in the process of pushing off her exo. I think she may have been dead already when I found her but I moved her to ISO anyway. She was jammed against one of the tree branches so I don’t think she had enough room to shed. She never moved a bit in ISO and after a week she was obviously dead by the smell.

Friday when I was checking on Eros I found one of my Rugosus’s Tula naked and dead. I know other crabbers are experiencing odd deaths this winter but this is so disappointing and upsetting.

One of the new PP’s, died also.

Eros molted and also went naked on me and then reshelled. He seems to be doing fine but had me worried there for a bit. His one leg it a bit bent but not bad.

I’m still unable to find Soomi, Eli, Booger and I think Ebbie. Ebbie had just molted so its possible I have him confused with someone else. I’ve found no remains, no empty shells in odd places. Maybe when I remove the sand this spring and replace it I will find some more clues.


  1. THATS SO SAD!!!. A couple of weeks ago, I had my little crab Baylee die, I thought she was probably getting ready to molt, but then I noticed a horrible smell, so I had to trash her. One of the crabs I have still, Joey, he is finishing up his molting period, his arms and getting darker. I thought he was dead when he first started to molt, he wasent inside hi shell, and his eyes were Orange! So I picked him up to go throw him away, when the legs fell off, I wanted to see what it looked like inside his shell, and Isaw another claw in there, and at that time I was just about to throw him away. The next couple of days or so, I was looking for joey do hard, and he was on the wired top of the cage all along, did you check there, and also, my other crab Nemo, he digs himself in the sand, did you check if there was a silly bump in the sand??- yeah, anyways, I gotta go, Email me okay???

  2. Well my hermits, Joey and Nemo, they don’t get along very well, sounds like you have a lot of them and you have experience,well, what do you do when one of your hermies fights with anothe? And Joey, he is finishing up molting, and he is continueing to eat his exoskeloten, but Nemo tries to sneak up to Joey and eat it all to himself- what do you do when that happens?

  3. You need to isolate the molter from other crabs. Not only will the other
    crab eat the exo but he may attack and kill the molter. If you only have
    two crabs, I recommend moving the non molter because that will be less
    stressful. ON my blog there are some articles on care and they cover
    molting and settin up an isolation tank.

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