NJ aid for animals

NJ Aid for Animals has launched a blogspot.com/”>new blog to help keep readers updated on their animal related news and events. The blog features blogspot.com/”>videos of adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adoptable pets which is a great idea for getting people interested in animals in need. Video brings home the reality of these dogs and cats in a way that a still picture might not be able to.

The site posts about abuse cases, laws and regulations and success stories. You can find them on Myspace as well. Their main site is at http://www.njafa.org/ and there are even more stories, bad and good on the main site. Sadly the plight of animals knows no state boundaries and every state in the U.S. has animals in need of saving. Every web site devoted to educating the world about the abuse and neglect is worth talking about, posting about and linking to. One of the easiest things you can do to help animals is to tell your friends about the growing need for finanical support of shelters and rescues. And of course encourage them to adoptioncenter.com”>adoptioncenter.com”>adopt a pet and stop supporting the commercial pet breeding industry.

Whether you live in NJ or not please stop by the blogspot.com/”>NJ Aid for Animals blog, have a look around and view some of the videos of pets in need.

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