Meet Ramona

My girl Ramona is your typical Coenobita compressus and she is becoming quite the acrobat. ¬†This is Ramona’s Crabbook page so check back for updates on her!

I think she molted just before the fire (8/2016) but not 100% certain.

2/19/2017 Ramona dug down for real today after exhibiting some pre molt symptoms. She was very restless for a couple weeks (pacing the front of the tank and fake digging, climbing like crazed toddler) and then last week she seemed to be calming down. This afternoon she picked her spot and dug with a purpose.

Ramona going to ground for a molt.

Ramona is playing in the ocean water a bit today, face down sucking it up in fact. She surely can’t be pre molt already?

Ramona slurping up ocean water
Ramona slurping up ocean water