I got em!!!

After 2 years of crabbing I finally bought my first straws. The Petco’s here finally have them in. I was able to get the last three from Alton today. When more come in, I’ll pick up a few more. I even got a deal because I guess the guy who helped me didn’t know that the straws were supposed to be 10.99, so he charged me 4.99 😛 Better believe I’m not correcting them. Its a bunch of crap that they charge more in the first place.

So I have a 20 gal long that I picked up last winter for them. I have it part way set up right now. This way they have their own tank to destroy on a daily basis. I’m calibrating my hygrometers right now so they straws are in a KK sitting in the main tank. I brought the humidity in the main tank down to around 70% so there would be less of a shock for the straws coming from a dryer enviroment. I intend to slowly bring up the humidity in the 20 gal in hopes they will transition and suffer less.

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  1. my 7year old has a strawberry crab it’s name is strawberry we have had him for about 5 monthes. he has reciently come out of his shell and hasn’t found another he likes. he’s tried different ones but he always comes back out. he acts much different than our other crabs. i didn’t even relize he was different than the others until i checked the receipt and saw the price.

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