Hermit Crab Care Question from Email: Simulating a natural environment

Tina asks:

I have one PP and E crab. I think my PP is going to a new home (A teacher at my daughters school had a PP that died so I thought my PP could be a good compainion to the lone PP) I have one E crab and want to get more but I have been having a hard tome keeping alive George is the only one still alive. But I want to make a crabitat close to there home enviroment. I want to but a saltwater pond in with a water filteration system and some crab friendly plants. I have done my research and know to line the incline and bottom with rocks and broken shells so they dont get stuck and drown. I know E crabs live on the shore in nature. I also was hopping by putting in some plants and water system that I could keep the humitity up an hopefully curtail some of the mold growth. I have also heard that pill bugs are good to put in to the crabitiat to eat any growing fugus(And the crabs love to eat them) Do you have any sugestions. I beleive my crabs would be happier in a ecosystem close to there own. Thank you.

Wimblee says:
It sounds like you have absolutely done your research! I can recommend you read Sue Latell’s article on http://crabstreetjournal.com/xoops/modules/news/article.php?storyid=23“>reducing the impact of PPS, which often causes death. I own and manage http://crabstreetjournal.com/xoops“>The Crab Street Journal website and we have many sister sites with top notch information as well as enthusiastic members who would love to share ideas with you about creating a more natural habitat. We have information on filtered water pools as well as putting natural plants in the crabitat. Michelle of Naturally Crabby has introduced pill bugs to her crabitat. She keeps here crabitat as natural as possible. She is also doing some interesting food trials right now. She also owns Hermit Crab Cuisine and is dedicating a section to hermit crab’s native foods.

Please feel free to join us:

You don’t have to be a member to read our information, only to use the forums and participate in contests. Sue’s articles are located here:

Sue Latell’s Article on Redefining Isolation
Sue Latell’s Article on Reducing the Impact of PPS
Both articles are helpful when purchasing of hermit crabs.