Hermit Crab Care Question from Email: Humidifiers and Vacation Care

Angela asks:

I love your blog! I have two questions for you:
I only have 2 crabs (so far), in a 10gal and I was thinking of different ways to keep the humidity up when I found this link:
Do you think this is a good/safe idea, or should I skip it?

Another question is, I sometimes have to go away for the weekend (1-3 nights) how can I keep my crabs warm and hydrated while I’m gone? They have a lamp and a heating pad. Please help, I have to go away for 3 nights for the holidays!

Thank you,

Wimblee says:
The humidifier is a clever idea and certainly an option. First I would look into some other alternatives to maintaining humidity, like putting some moss in the tank.

Marie has just posted at article at The Crab Street Journal about vacation care that should give you a great start to handling out of town trips:


  1. Your hermit crab will bathe itself if you provide it with fresh water (no chlorine) in its bowl or seawater in a separate bowl, but it is still a good idea to bath your hermit crab once or twice a month. Simply submerge your hermit crab in room temperature water and allow it to air dry. It’s easy and will help keep your hermit crab happy and healthy. Spend time to send this, http://www.petcentric.com/crittercarols/?DCMP=RAC-PETC-DogTm-Carol08&HQS=Blog, with your crabs in it!

  2. I have found that keeping the substrate moist and having a good fitting cover helps keep humidity in. I’m in Utah, the desert, and so we are very dry. Having a good lid (of course having some ventilation too) helps keep that humidity up!

  3. I have just purchased three hermit crabs and I am a little confused on how to tell when they are molting and need to be isolated, and also the humidity level how do I get the tank humid and keep it that way, I have them in a 10 gallon tank, with a fish tank lid.

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